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OCT General Land Transport offers simple, cost effective and efficient solutions to meet with your heavy load transportation wants. Ocean City Group is Transport Company committed to giving the best Land Transport in UAE. Operating under a stellar reputation and with a fleet of over 100 heavy goods trailers, we provide high quality trailer transportation services throughout the Gulf and Levant regions. OCT General Land Transportation holds over a decade of experience in the transportation services and has built valuable relationships with traders and transporters alike, giving a competitive edge among transportation company.

We offer you the most ideal answer for your Land Transport needs and far reaching scope of services that are altered to suit the necessities and needs of our customers. The Land Transport office at OCT is a one stop answer for local and worldwide gathering age logistics services.

Our Promise

We will work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction with our transportation services by consistently delivering on-time, operating in exact accordance with your requirements. By keeping an open line of communication, we keep you informed with regards to the transport of your heavy haulage at all times as a good transportation company.

Type Dimensions/Capacity

Box Trailer

Our Mega box trailers feature a massive 100m³ capacities. The larger internal height enables shippers to maximize consignment size whilst having the benefits of a straight frame loading bed.

Our box trailer fleet is designed for long distance transportation where large volume commodities need to be shipped by the most cost-effective and secure means.

        Box Trailer

Overall length 14.7m
Overall width 2.5m
Overall height 4.3m
Internal length 14.5m
Internal width 2.5m
Internal height 2.7m
Tare 7400kg
Design gross weight 39,000kg
Capacity GGC standard pallets 

Curtain Side Trailer

These curtain side trailer feature sliding curtains, solid rear doors and 2 solid steel supports on each side. They allow for quick easy loading and discharges via the rear doors and open side access. Suitable for multi-collection and multi-delivery shipment.


Curtain Side Trailers 

Overall length 15.3m
Overall width 2.6m5
Overall height 4.2m
Internal length 15m
Internal width 2.50m
Internal height 2.9m rear
Tare 39.000kg - 41.000kg
Design gross weight 41,000kg
Capacity GGC standard pallets 

Special Design Trailer

These are similar to the Curtain side trailers, sliding curtains and solid rear doors but have side steel gates. The specially designed curtain side trailer has all-round flexibility for loading and unloading from the rear and side.
The specification for this type of trailer can be altered to our client needs


Overall length 13.6m
Overall width 2.6m
Overall height 4m
Internal length 13.4m
Internal width 2.5m
Internal height 2.6m
Design gross weight 41,000kg
Capacity GCC standard pallets 

Coiler Trailer

Our fleet of coilers have 8m coil wells, sliding curtains, solid rear doors, 2 heavy duty supports each side and are used for steel and coil transportation. We also manufacture the coil wells to the specification of our client needs to provide best trailer transportation facility.


Overall length 15.6m
Overall width 2.6m
Overall height 4.2m
Internal length 15.3m
Internal width 2.48m
Internal height 2.65m
Design gross weight 39,000kg
Capacity GCC standard pallets